New Boiler installation Cost, Whats Involved

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September 13, 2016
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October 7, 2016

New Boiler installation Cost, Whats Involved

Info About New Boiler Installation Costs

What does new boiler installation cost people? This depends on numerous factors, with the main one being the type of boiler being installed. We will break the costs down by the type of boiler and then you’ll have a better idea of around how much it will cost you.

New Combination Boiler Installation

This type, a Combination boiler is popular among apartments and studios. It doesn’t feature a storage tank because it uses water from the water mains, but a small tank can be added to it. There is no waiting around for water to be heated when you have this type of boiler, which costs around an average of £1,400 to install. That is a good price and this type of boiler isn’t that difficult to install, but you will still want a professional to do the installation.

New System Boiler Installation

The average price for this type of boiler is around £1,600, and they are suited for average-sized homes. System boilers deliver water fast and multiple taps can be used. As for where the water is stored, it’s stored in a cylinder, which heats the water before it is delivered to the taps. However, system boilers don’t deliver hot water instantly, but they deliver it quickly, so there is a short period of waiting.

A system boiler is great for those who want a high quality boiler and if they live in an average sized home. If you live in a small place, then consider getting a combination boiler. That will likely be your best option.

New Standard Boiler Installation

Finally, we have the standard boiler, which tends to be the most expensive type of boiler to buy and to installed. You can expect to pay around £3,600, but they are worth it because they heat water very fast and they are excellent for larger homes and large buildings. Not only that, but they are used for floor heating systems and other types of big tasks. If you don’t mind spending a little bit of money, then consider getting a standard boiler because they are worth every dollar.

As you can see, new boiler installation costs vary from one boiler to the next. The company you hire will also play a huge factor in how much you’ll pay for a new boiler to be installed. All you have to do now is figure out what type of boiler you want and have a professional install it.

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